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  1. 西北农林科技大学人文社会发展学院,杨凌712100
  • 收稿日期:2016-08-02 出版日期:2017-09-21 发布日期:2017-09-21
  • 作者简介:通讯作者:徐春成,ORCID:0000-0002-8967-214X,。

On the Nature of Legal Deposit System and Its Internal Mechanism Reconstruction

  • Received:2016-08-02 Online:2017-09-21 Published:2017-09-21

摘要: 呈缴本制度是各国法律上的通行制度。我国在实践中一直实施该制度。既有研究对呈缴本制度的法律性质有所忽视,未能弄清导致呈缴本制度运行不畅的制度原因,因此需要在理清制度构成、运行方式的基础上对该制度的性质加以辨析,进而按照征收的法理,以利益平衡的方法,对呈缴本制度的内在机制加以重构。

Abstract: Legal deposit system is a popular law system in the world. Our country has implemented the system in practice. However the legal nature of the legal deposit system is ignored by the present research and the causes which blocking legal deposit system are not found out yet. So we need to sort out system composition, operation mode and on the basis of which the nature of the system should be identified. And then according to the collection of legal theory, with interests balance method, we can reconstruct the internal mechanism of the legal deposit system.


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