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Journal of Academic Libraries ›› 2014, Vol. 32 ›› Issue (6): 120-127.

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Research on Yan Ao and His Son-Yan Gusheng’s Philology Achievements

Hongmei Yuan   

  • Received:2014-05-27 Online:2014-11-10 Published:2015-11-26


Yan Ao and his Son-Yan Gu Sheng devoted their lives to collecting ancient literature and have succeeded in collecting more than 300,000 volumes of ancient literature, including more than 50,000 volumes of rare books. Their library—“Ben Park Library”, as well-known as Chengdu Tianyi Pavilion, focuses on passing on literature heritage, mainly ancient literature and got the good reputation of “Culture Inn during the Anti-Japanese War”. The father and his son engrave the rare books and sent them as gifts to communicate culture and create a very efficient management and protection methods. They love ancient literature so much that they try means to perfect ancient literature by correcting, filling the gap and noting. They catalogue and engrave ancient literature according to the stored books to aim at wide spreading academy. They love our country so much and are so generous that they donate their stored ancient literature to the country. They have made great achievements in philology and become the famous literature scientist.