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The Yale Shooting Problem: A Case Study in Non-monotonic Reasoning

SUN Yong1, FANG Ming2   

  1. 1Department of Computer Science The Queen's University of Belfast 18 Malone Road Belfast BT7 1NN; 2AIE Department Lloyd's Register of Shipping 29 Wellesley Road Croydon CR0 2AJ England Northern Ireland
  • Received:1996-10-23 Online:1998-09-20 Published:1998-09-20

Abstract: Non-monotonic reasoning is often used in daily life, e.g. lacking evidence to the contrary of β we infer β. This kind of logic has applications in queries to knowledge bases, very large databases and deductive bases. This case study uses the "Yale Shooting" problem to present non-monotonic reasoning from a proof-theoretic standpoint. Basic knowledge of first order logic and many-sorted algebra is assumed.