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Numerical Simulation and Visulization Study of Heavy Rainfall in Hubei Province in 1998

CHEN Min, WANG Hongqing, ZHENG Yongguang, LI Yaping   

  1. National Laboratory for Severe Storm, Department of Geophysics, Peking University, Beijing, 100871
  • Received:1999-07-21 Online:2000-09-20 Published:2000-09-20

Abstract: Using the Pennsylvania State University/NCAR mesoscale model (MM5), a 36h simulation of the heavy rainfall process in Hubei province on July 20, 1998 is conducted. The simulation reproduced the evolution of meso-β-scale convective systems which were responsible for the heavy rainfall quite well. And the MCSs' visual images produced by the visualization software LiveView can reveal the life cycle, the features of water materials' distribution and 3-d stream structure of MCS.