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Magnetic Tomography in the Central Bohai Sea of China

HOU Guiting1, QIAN Xianglin1, SHI Ge1, LIU Changfeng2   

  1. 1Department of Geology, Peking University, Beijing, 100871;2Institute of Geology and Geophysics, Academia Sinica, Beijing, 100101
  • Received:2001-03-05 Online:2003-01-20 Published:2003-01-20

Abstract: The central Bohai Sea is one of the thinest lithosphere in eastern China where strike-slip and extension faults are very intensive with intensive magmatic activity, including the volcanic rocks and intrusion, which show the conspicious high positive magnetic anomalies. The spatial distribution, shape and property of high magnetic anomalies in the central Bohai Sea are inversed by the magnetic tomography, based on the analysis of regional geology and seismic sections in the Bohai basin.