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GAP-43 mRNA Levels Change of the Hippocampus in Rat after Impact Traumatic Brain Injury

YU Ruiyuan, SUN Jiurong, MU Xiaodong, WANG Yanfeng   

  1. College of Life Science, Peking University, Beijing, 100871
  • Received:2003-03-18 Online:2003-11-20 Published:2003-11-20

Abstract: With DIG (digoxigenin) labeled GAP-43 cDNA as probe, the in Situ hybridiztion method was set up with the rat hippocampus slides as positive controls. The change of GAP-43 gene expression after traumatic brain injury was detected at CA3, CA1 and DG fields of hippocampus. The level of GAP-43 mRNA rised greatly 48h after brain injury, in which the CA3 field was the greatest, and the injuried side rised more greatly than the opposite side. The high expression of GAP-43 gene sustained to 1 and 2 weeks after the operation, but lower than that of 48h, the period of the highest gene expression is some time in 1 week. The results demonstrate the relationship between brain injury and hippocampus GAP-43 mRNA level, and provide the useful information for the mechanism of plasticity of central nervous system and physiological functional compensation following traumatic brain injury.