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K-Ar Geochronology of Cenozoic Volcanic Rocks of East Depression in Liaohe Basin and Its Geological Significance

YANG Mohan, HOU Guiting, SHI Ge   

  1. The Key Laboratory of Orogenic Belts and Crustal Evolution, School of Earth and Space Sciences, Peking University, Beijing, 100871
  • Received:2004-08-31 Online:2006-03-20 Published:2006-03-20

Abstract: Liaohe basin is a Cenozoic rift valley with numerous volcanic activities developed in East Depression. Based on the large amount of K-Ar geochronology, petrology and geochemistry data, the Cenozoic volcanic activities in this depression are divided into 4 periods, which are Fangshenpao, Shasan, Shayi and Dongying periods. The Shasan and Dongying periods are two summits of volcanic activities, with accurate isotopic age of 43~38Ma and 32~25Ma respectively. This paper provides an accurate isotopic chronology constraints for the study of Cenozoic tectonic evolution of Bohai basin and Eastern China.