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Subsidence History and Sedimentary Response in the North of Western Ordos Basin

YANG Shengbin1, 2, GUO Qingyin2, 3, HOU Guiting1, SUN Ye2   

  • Received:2005-05-11 Online:2006-03-20 Published:2006-03-20

Abstract: Through the analysis of subsidence history in the north of western Ordos basin, as a result of the terranes northward accretion and the successive collision of the Baykala block in the Middle Triassic, the Qiangtang block in the Late Triassic, the Lhasa block in the Middle Jurassic, the Gangdese block in the Cretaceous and the subduction of Izanagi plate in Yanshanian period, the studied region became a intracontinental foreland basin from Late Triassic to Cretaceous. Because of the collision of the terranes, the episodic tectonic activity occurred in the orogenic belt, resulting in the episodic subsidence of the basin. Each compression and thrusting of orogenic belt led to the subsidence of the foreland basin and the sediment filling, directly controlling the filling sequences and sedimentary characteristics of the foreland basin.