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Wave Propagation and Energy Transportation along Cylindrical Piezoelectric-Piezomagnetic Material

WEI Jianping, SU Xianyue   

  1. LTCS and Department of Mechanics and Engineering Science, Peking University, Beijing, 100871
  • Received:2005-05-19 Online:2006-05-20 Published:2006-05-20

Abstract: The axisymmetric flexural wave in a piezoelectric-piezomagnetic cylinder was studied by applying "rod model". The lower modes, which are classified by Quasi-P wave, Quasi-SV wave and SH wave, are obtained. Then the authors find that the electromagnetic induction, which does not exist in piezoelectric or piezomagnetic material, is in the composite material. And there are high-speed electromagnetic wave and steady stress wave propagation along the cylinder, and the energy transports and inter-changes differently in channels formed by Quasi-P wave and Quasi-SV wave.