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A Novel Unicast Based Multiplexing Scheme to Improve the Capacity of VoWLAN

WANG Dong1, LIU Zhimin, ZHAO Yuping, LUO Yan, LI Honggang, LE Jilin, CAO Yang   

  • Received:2006-01-05 Online:2007-01-20 Published:2007-01-20

Abstract: The mergence of VoIP and WLAN created a new wireless platform for voice service delivery, VoWLAN. This paper figured out the capacity bottleneck of VoWLAN, and analyzed the problems in current solutions such as M-M. A novel unicast based multiplexing scheme (U-M, Unicast Multiplexing) to improve the capacity and performance of VoWLAN was proposed. Both theoretical and simulation results showed that this scheme improved the voice capacity to nearly 100% comparing to the traditional un-multiplexed scheme, and reduced the packet lost ratio by 10% compared with the M-M scheme. Meanwhile, the U-M scheme is a power-saving scheme in the voice-oriented application as well. Therefore the proposed U-M scheme is an effective solution to increase the voice capacity of WLAN and improve the performance of VoIP service.