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Vortex Dynamics on Synoptic Maps

LIU Gang1, 2, LIU Shida1, LIU Feng1, 3, LIU Shikuo1   

  • Received:2006-03-22 Online:2007-01-20 Published:2007-01-20

Abstract: There are many vortex patterns on synoptic maps. It is shown from this thesis that flow fields on synoptic maps can be decomposed into rotation and deformation fields. Geostrophic non-frictional cyclone and anticyclone vortex patterns are closed circulations around the center point, streamlines of frictional cyclone and anticyclone patterns have spiral forms around the focus point. Saddle fields have four vortex centers (two cyclones and two anticyclones) and a saddle point. Blocking high pressure and cut-off low pressure patterns consist of a vortex center and a saddle point. From the above results, we can clearly understand the actual atmospheric vortex dynamics and its mechanisms of formation.