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The Development ofPost Occupancy Evaluation Abroad and Its Feasibility in China

ZHAO Donghan   

  1. The Graduate School of Landscape Architecture, Peking University, Beijing, 100871, E-mail:
  • Received:2006-11-06 Online:2007-11-20 Published:2007-11-20

Abstract: With the development of Chinese urbanization, thousands of buildings, parks and plazas are being planned, designed and built. But the situation is not just like the designers? expectation when they have been put into use. Many projects cannot satisfy the user?s demand and the using condition has always been ignored. Post Occupancy Evaluation (POE) pays attention to users and using condition, and it feeds back the problems appeared during the using process to the designers. Then a good feedback system is formed and the whole project system is improved. This paper introduces the development of POE in the world, and analyses the developing character of POE overseas, then it discusses the obstacles that the practice procedure of POE will confront in China from the implement fees, public participation, evaluation technology and so on. Moreover, the paper tries to demonstrate the approach of POE in China from the perspective of government, project developers, project return visit mechanism etc. At lastthe large significance of implementing POE in China is brought forward.