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Remediation of Soil Contaminated with Oil Pollutants by Ex-Situ Chemical Washing

JI Guodong1ZHOU Guohui   

  1. Department of Environmental Engineering, Peking University, Key Laboratory of Water and Sediment Sciences, Ministry of Education, Beijing, 100871; 1Corresponding Author, E-mail:
  • Received:2006-10-07 Online:2007-11-20 Published:2007-11-20

Abstract: Chemical washing applied to the remediation of soil contaminated with oil pollutants is a new technique developed in recent years. Application of ex-situ chemical washing technology in remediation of soil contaminated with oil pollutants and the corresponding progress are described in detail. This paper focuses on characteristics of washing technology, mechanisms of chemical washing, selection of washing agent and influencing factor of washing efficiency. Problems and technical difficulties in remediation of oil contaminated soil by chemical washing and the prospect of further research and application are also presented.